New website is up

Please visit our web­site  There will be no more updates here from now on.  But will be keep­ing this site up for reference.

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Tabimina System Training Sessions in Singapore and Malaysia

Grand­mas­ter Bobby Tabim­ina will be in Sin­ga­pore on May 30 — June, 2013.  For details please con­tact Richard Loo.

Mas­ter Flint Tabim­ina and Mas­ter Dag Tabim­ina will be on Malaysia on the first week of June.  For more info, please con­tact Bernard Lawrence.

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Tabimina System in Nottingham, UK 2013

Grand­mas­ter Bobby Tabim­ina will be fly­ing to UK on May 13 — 20, 2013 to update the skills of our broth­ers in arms.  For more info, please con­tact Alan Jones.

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I haven’t done any updates in a while due to hec­tic sched­ule.  First of, I will start with a blog writ­ten by one of our Appren­tice Instruc­tors, Mr. Butch Baulete, enti­tled Lead­er­ship in a Per­for­ma­tive Way.  Sec­ond, we would like to con­grat­u­late Mr. Ran­dell Siow in becom­ing an offi­cial Feeder in Sin­ga­pore and Mr. Bernard Lawrence for becom­ing the offi­cial Head of Tabim­ina Sys­tem Malaysia. A job well done and a well deserved reward for their hard work and ded­i­ca­tion to the fam­ily.  Lastly, there will be some major updates in this web­site.  As per dis­cus­sion dur­ing the 4th Gath­er­ing of the Wolves, we will be chang­ing our name from Tabim­ina Bal­intawak to Tabim­ina Sys­tem in honor of our Grand­mas­ter Bob ‘Sil­ver’ Tabim­ina.  The change in name did not come easy, but we have decided that what we do in this sys­tem is beyond the scope of Bal­intawak. There will be changes in the logo as well, as this reflects Unity and the begin­ning of a new era for the Tabim­ina family.

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The Date is Set

A lot of peo­ple have been ask­ing when is the next gath­er­ing?  Accord­ing to Mas­ter Flint Tabim­ina, this year’s Gath­er­ing of the Wolves IV will be on March 14–17, 2013.  As to the venue, the coor­di­na­tors are still work­ing on it and will be posted once it is final.  Start fil­ing for your leave and we’ll see you all this com­ing March.

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Grand Opening of Tabimina Balintawak Centre in Malaysia

This com­ing Decem­ber 7, 2012, the TB Train­ing cen­tre in Malaysia will be offi­cially opened by Grand­mas­ter Bobby Tabim­ina.  Our sin­cer­est and heart­felt thanks goes out to the mem­bers of TB in Malaysia for their effort and ded­i­ca­tion spe­cially to Bernard Lawrence and Satheswaran May­achan­dran. There will be guest feed­ers com­ing from Sin­ga­pore and Manila for this won­der­ful occa­sion.  Please book your pri­vate ses­sions ahead of time for those who wanted to train in pri­vate.  Here are the list of feeders:

1.  Grand­mas­ter Bobby Tabimina

2.  Mas­ter Flint Tabimina

3.  Mas­ter Dag Tabimina

4.  Sylvester ‘Jojo’ Ygay

5.  Richard Loo

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How to become a Feeder in Tabimina Balintawak

All aspir­ing stu­dents who wants to become a Feeder in Tabim­ina Bal­intawak, has to be undergo a rig­or­ous train­ing  with ded­i­ca­tion and loy­alty to the fam­ily in order to be an appren­tice feeder. The Feed­ers in each coun­tries will sub­mit the names of the stu­dents who they think are qual­i­fied to become an appren­tice feeder.  The can­di­date stu­dent needs to be checked by Grand­mas­ter Bobby Tabim­ina or the Mas­ters, in order to val­i­date the skill level and the depth of under­stand­ing about the art. Read More

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Video from seminar last October 21, 2012

Thanks to Arnold Domingo for this won­der­ful video.

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New Apprentice Feeders in USA

We would like to con­grat­u­late Dave Wong from San Fran­cisco, CA and Ernie Gon­za­les from Sacra­mento, CA as new appren­tice feed­ers in Tabim­ina Bal­intawak USA West Coast Divi­sion. Since Sylvester ‘Jojo’ Ygay is on Sab­bat­i­cal Leave, the new Head­quar­ters of Tabim­ina Bal­intawak USA West Coast Divi­sion is now Her­cules, CA where Arnold Domingo act­ing Head of Tabim­ina Bal­intawak USA West Coast Divi­sion resides.

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Tabimina Balintawak Seminar in Florida

Grand­mas­ter Bobby Tabim­ina and Mas­ter Chad Tabim­ina will be hav­ing a sem­i­nar in Mira­mar Beach, FL.  Please visit our Events page for more info.

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